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September 30, 2008


Emily Veras

I think the overall design of this Ad is brilliant , and the news is wonderful.

You have a great blog btw , I have you bookmarked. =)

Emily V.

Chase customer pre WaMu takeover

Later after the selling of Bank One to JPMorgan Chase by Jamie Dimon, the Bank One name, "brand", disappeared but it really still is Bank One for the retail banking. This is the same as what would have happened to Citi operations in new York if Wachovia was purchased. Citi retail would be closed and the branches added to Wachovia which would have change its name to Citi. Since WaMu is still smaller by some margin, this will not happed but since the size is closer some WaMu attitude may transfer into the rest of Bank One, I mean Chase.

Robert F. Poletta

JPM robbed me out of $110,000 due to the fact they should never have been given Washington Mutual. This was an illegal,immoral,unjust move.I had every thing I owned in this stock. If they had and sense of morals,honesty, and fairness they would return the money they stole from me.I trusted this bank with my life and all I got was robbed. Robert Poletta


Clever ad. It won't keep me as a customer. I haven't decided to leave - yet - but I may. I fault the OTS, the FDIC and perhaps Chase for the seizure of WaMu 2 weeks after the OTS announced the Bank did not need to recapitalize. It "feels" like WaMu was a gift to Chase and leaves a really bad taste all around.

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