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Bad Typography

Oh, the curse of a great URL, purchased amid a flurry of irrational anger at a poorly designed, awfully kerned, Comic Sans-ridden sign in a bakery window., what shall I do with thee? You are about to expire, and I should probably renew you and actually do something with the domain.

Some ideas that came to mind in the heat of the moment:

1. A running blog of terrible type examples from the real world, with pointers as to how to avoid those mistakes.

2. Along with those terrible type samples, highlights of amazing typography alongside a series of 20 or so rules that designers can follow to rock the their type hardcore.

3. A Type Police exam and, upon passing, a membership card that showed that you were a Type Policeperson and were fully authorized to smack down on the terrors that face us in a Microsoft Word-dominated world.

4. Printable tear-off sheets that people could use to paste violations on real-world stuff. ( started this after I bought this URL, which made me quash the idea of TypographyPolice, but really, these are different things, right?)

What else could this domain represent? How can we save the world from ridiculous typography and the terrors that it imprints on the public at large?



I in my snobby delight would prefer the third choice.

zamzam design

Typography Police, what a superb idea :). I'm so sensitive to bad typography. Third choice is very appealing to me.

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