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October 01, 2008


Jake Boen, AIA

I used to have this problem and can see how this causes great angst. My field (architecture) is very specific and I still had this identity problem. Once I finished licensure to become a Registered Architect this all went away. I wish all the designers in the world luck with this.

p.s. love the blog.


I think it's pretty stupid. You're a designer, period. Flash, AfterEffects and other packages are merely tools to get things done with.

It would be like furniture or cabinet makers trying to distinguish themselves using different titles based on if they used power versus hand tools. You never hear of anyone saying "I'm a Festool cabinetmaker" or "I'm a Lie-Nielsen furniture maker"! Despite this I still hear from people wanting a job as a "Flash Designer" or "Print Designer".


As one who is delving into graduate study and looking at design for development, I think there is greater value on the "design thinking" that is now required in the field of design. We live in a different age and switching the mentality from aesthetics, externals and the like will be a welcomed change.
I'm trying to figure out what this should be called (since there is a gap between what I understand and what a client understands).

This site offers some good dialogues on what could be "next": http://www.nextd.org/01/index.html

David Sherwin

Thanks for the great conversation here. I'm definitely going to continue this discussion in an upcoming post.

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