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November 23, 2008


PM Hut

Blaming the waterfall method for all the evil in this world is typical these days...

I read on a lot of blogs on how Agile projects are the antidote against Scope Creep, simply because they're iterative.

I believe that the reason for a scope creep is unclear requirements, mainly because of an informed/uneducated client and/or a bad Project Manager that doesn't communicate well. Methodologies are really not the solution.

David Sherwin

Hello PM Hut:

Check out this great piece in the most recent A List Apart issue about how Agile methods are become more appropriate for designers creating Web systems:


Also, read this article for working designers/developers on managing scope creep: http://sixrevisions.com/project-management/eight-tips-on-how-to-manage-feature-creep

Their tip #1: Accept that scope creep will always happen. Tip #2: Plan the project well and observe the client's level of understanding of the process you're about to go through.

The comment string on that article is also very valuable.

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