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January 11, 2009


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ChrisG, Art Director

What about "the teacher"? I've never "taught" formally— I've known a lot in the profession that have taught at University at some point in their career. But I'm often been compared to a teacher... I think in a good way. Sometimes it's design advice, sometimes business or industry advice... and frequently recommending books.

For better or worse, I've put on several of those hats above at one time, I'm sure, whether I noticed it or not.

FYI- In another window, I'm watching/listening to David Kelly's lecture at Stanford, from your Delicious bookmarks.

Mike Kemery

I can relate to most all of these archetypes from a designer's perspective and some as a creative leader. I've always felt that it helps to identify the communication style of my designers first and then try to find which archetype they best relate with.

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