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June 21, 2009


James Lytle

Excellent thoughts and video! Stripping the everyday person of their understanding of information communication and design is my life's struggle! (currently) I think some of these thoughts expressed in this particular way are quite helpful.

Andy Polaine

Great post David and thanks for putting up that video. I think the main reason for falling into these patterns is corporate culture, even within a design studio setting.

If you look at the rules of brainstorming, they are pretty much the opposite of what the usual business culture is, which encourages sniping, competitive, uncooperative, pressured and role-based behaviour.

It's very hard to convince people to take suspending those habits seriously if they’re not taken seriously at a company culture level. I think this is why IDEO are successful in this way and why so many other companies fail to bring 'innovation' into their culture, despite bringing in consultants who specialise in innovation. The consultants, of course, are temporary blips, outside the main culture of the company, so easily dismissed after they have gone.

Much of this is to do with the whole notion of companies in the first place and Alvin Toffler goes deep into this in The Third Wave, which I can highly recommend.

David Sherwin

Thanks for the comments. Andy, I do love Alvin Toffler's ideas around this, and have been especially a proponent of the idea of fostering adhocracy within creative organizations / steering clear of hierarchy and standard business procedure.

Let's see what happens when businesses of scale actually try to adopt these models. At least it'll keep us in business. :)

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