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August 03, 2009


Michael Kozakewich

"...it's about time that we...reinforced the page grid..."

As long as you aren't suggesting a fixed-width grid, like is found on most sites. Wikipedia is one of the few fluid-width sites out there.

A fluid grid would be nice, though.

David Sherwin

Hi Michael--

You're bang on about what I'm seeking -- a fluid-width site that would hold to a stable baseline grid.

Best, David

Mathew Sanders

Hey David,

I've just spent last week at Wikimania 2009 (annual Wikipedia conference) where there were some interesting talks about usability initiatives for all the Wikimedia projects. You can read a bit about them here if you're interested: http://usability.wikimedia.org

Also, like yourself, I couldn't help myself, and spent a few hours one afternoon thinking about some changes that I would suggest to the article page, which I've posted here: http://www.mathewsanders.com/touchpoints/redesigning-wikipedia-1-208.html

There are some similar themes as your suggestions, including moving article navigation out of the main article text, and collapsing some of the navigation to make a less cluttered page. Any feedback would be appreciated!

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