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January 04, 2011


Wyn Pottinger-Levy

You are my new addiction! I teach design in a high school -- where many students would rather have a worksheet (even a test!) than struggle with creating something original on a blank sheet. Every day, I try to coax a little conceptual thinking out of them. Your book's in my cart, your blogs are in my delicious, your design challenges are my next throw-downs in class. Thanks. (BTW... Typo in latest blog: "The kinds of projects...don't allow for skiing the greens together, than (THEN) the blues, than (THEN) the blacks....") ~wynnie @ the center school

David Sherwin

Thanks for the kind words, Wynnie. Let me know how the challenges go in class--it's always fun to see the work that comes out of trying the challenges.

Best, David

P.S. Thanks for catching that typo!

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