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This is a great exercise, and I'm reacquainting with the importance of the visual doing the heavy lifting and not relying so much on the text or a type treatment which might not communicate well to diverse audiences.

Question for David: Now that we have a full week to work on some of our exercises, it's hard to resist the temptation to refine and finesse or take on another piece in the same exercise (applies to any of the 4).

Would you rather see:
1. multiple variations on a single piece,
2. multiple attempts at different pieces,
3. finesse one piece,
4. simply stop?

Hi Mark--

If you have the time, I would recommend #2, multiple attempts at different pieces. We're looking for breadth more so than super-polished executions.

As we get deeper into the class and the assignments get more time-consuming to execute, we're all probably going to start gravitating to #4, however. :)

Best, David

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