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Hell yeah!

There is a quote from T.S. Eliot that I learned in school (I cannot remember it verbatim, but won't forget it's meaning) about talent that this reminds me of. He talked about his poetry as a craft and not as art. He considered himself a craftsman and not an artist. He said a craft is a learned skills and a craftsman is someone who utilizes those skills in a certain field.

This idea lends itself to what I believe to be true, which is anybody can learn to do anything. Where, I think, a lot of the difficult and push back from many people to that idea comes from is their lack of realization that the way in which skills are learned are as varied as people themselves. In the constructs of our society and everyday lives there are certain standardized ways of doing things. And, with any standard, this limits potential.

Anybody can learn to be a designer. And going to design school is only one option. Learning how you learn will allow you to be more flexible to learning more things. And "design acrobats" can only increase that flexibility making any craftsman into a more skilled craftsman.

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