Designers Hate Estimating, Pt. 3 of 3
What My Yoga Teacher Taught Me About the Design Business




"Long hours spent bandaging wounds made by said Xacto blade in index finger" didn't make the chart either? Or is that just my world?

Ah hahahahaha Bestine highs. Mine would have been spray adhesive, back in those crazy college days. "I don't have time to go to the spray booth... ooh, I don't feel too good."

Love this graphic, as always.




When I started at design school, my husband told me my rimless specs were not "designer-y" enough. What do I currently sport? Chunky black frames! Love the graphic.


Look at this funny post. This guy shows typical designer's suits.
Designer's tribal objects

Prescott Perez-Fox

Don't forget Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. At least 68%.

Jimmy Spongepants

I love these self important, convoluted design quotes and visual clichés. What a bunch of wank. Seriously who cares? And while you're at it, add one more segment to your pie chart that reads, "I spend my whole career mimicking design trends" or "I enjoy showcasing all of my work by holding it up, and photographing it with myself partly in frame. Lovely. Original. Oh wait here's another one "because I'd never work in advertising, I'm all about execution, who needs an idea anyway"

David Sherwin

Looks like we should also add to the list "highly supportive during group critique." :)



1. wanna look like a creative
2. (failed) design ambition
3. I wan´t belong
4. conversation starter
5. without I look worse
6. love of kerning

I don't think I've used Bestine since 1989, thank god. Great work!


truly amazing! i'll add "love of pointing out typefaces in public."


(failed) fine-art ambition. i hear you.

common Japanese words

failed fine art ambition, I like that.

matthew carleton

tingly feelings.


love the graphic. is it available as a poster or t-shirt?

David Sherwin

I'll be happy to make a t-shirt of it, if you're interested. Anyone else?


Very nice. It would be great to have an online graph generator, where everybody can create their own graph writing their own motivations and collect all the graph in a gallery... And, yes, make a t-shirt.

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