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Quality of Service

Hello. I'm calling on behalf of your local bank. Would you like to take part in a short survey that will give us insight into your level of satisfaction with your banking experience?

First, we'd like you to identify which banking location you visit most often. Second, we'd like to ask you to rate, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, the quality of service you received from your last bank teller. If you'd like, you can also share his or her name with us.

Sir, while our survey participants can specifically describe their experience in the banking location, what we're really looking for is the number that correctly correlates with their experience in the bank. That number will aid us in improving our customer service and also give us insight into how we can improve for the future.

How will the survey information be used? These numbers will be averaged and analyzed by our corporate office to make crucial decisions about how to improve our customer experience.

No, you can't give us two numbers that identify the range of experiences you've had. We would like the average of those numbers. For example, if you've received exemplary service from one teller, but below average service from another teller, than you may have simply received average service from us in your banking experience.

Yes, you are welcome to describe in detail the overall feeling you'd received from the design of the bank interior, the quality of the furniture you sit on, the leaflets and posters that are scattered through the store, the demeanor of your teller, the speed with which they fulfilled your banking requests, and the wait time while in line to receive help, whether you can talk to a real person while using online banking, the responsiveness of our telephone banking service, the real impression you get about us from our recent television and radio advertisements, and how you feel regarding the demands of our shareholders, but most of what you've described is outside the scope of this survey.

Now, if you could just answer the first question, sir, we can begin...


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