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Spotted in Japan: ONTO Headphones by Audio-Technica

Spotted in Japan: D-Bros 2009 Creator's Diary

Creators Diary 450px
Creators Diary 450px
Creators Diary Cover

While I was in Japan, I purchased two of these personal diaries at an art museum in Kyoto. The 2009 Creator's Diary -- created by D-Bros, the product design arm of the marketing and advertising firm Draft -- allows creatives to keep up with their day-to-day activities on the top half, while tracking projects from week to week on the bottom half. I especially love how the binding allows you to continue projects without having to "turn a page" or recopy anything -- just keep folding it out!

The photographs here are from the Japanese design boutique Kok-Design. The diary is approximately $29 USD.


Clifton Alexander

Very cool!

Jim Antonopoulos

wow very nice :)


do you remember the name of the museum?

David Sherwin

I got the Creator's Diaries at the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto. It's a block from the Heian Shrine. Here's a link to their English site:


I am trying to find out where to get this calendar for my boss. It would be ideal! I went to the link but iI didn't see how to purchase it. Do you want to sell me one of your's?! :) kidding, but not really

thank you,


I love the layout. Looks like a great way to track creative work in an analog medium. Where can we buy in the US?


Someone could tell me where I can buy it online (speaking in english)? I do not know japanese and I'm not able to order from their site.

David Sherwin

I've been doing some online sleuthing and cannot find someone that retails this diary globally. This seems like a great opportunity for someone in Japan to export it to us hungry designers.

Sorry, Arlene, but my two are spoken for... :(


does anyone have any idea of how to get this to europe or the states? having quite a hard time with the japanese... (google's translator doesn't translate image buttons)

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