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Multifont Buckle by Steel Toe Studios

Multifont Buckle from Steel Toe Studios

All you letterpress fanatics, beware: Steel Toe Studios, a design and metalsmithing company in Seattle, recently came out with a hand-forged belt buckle cast in a pattern to mimic metal type.

You can buy it through the studio's Etsy store or direct from the studio, where you can use a mini-Flash app to select buckle types and belt sizes. You also get the choice of purchasing a belt made from recycled bicycle tire tubes to match! (The belts are made by the local firm Alchemy Goods, who continues to find new uses for old rubber, vinyl advertisements, and other leavings.)

Major props to my coworker Carrie Byrne, who spotted the studio, purchased one of the belts, wore it in to work, and ended up easily convincing me into buying one of my own!

[Edit 01/08/09: The belt buckle isn't made from metal type; it is cast from a pattern formed from metal type. No lead for you. :) ]


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I must have one. Where can i order one of these?

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