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Ode to a Post-It Note

The boundary of a primitive tool is your mind

Ideas conform to the shape they are provided. Thoughts in our headspace can be amorphous as a cloud, slow as a flock of geese in flight, or as potent as a lightning strike. When writing and drawing in our notebooks, sketches and words coexist in a rectangular prison, often creating friction due to relative proximity. But Post-It Notes are a peculiar beast, as they enforce the minimum detail for us to express the maximum idea. Add in a chisel-edged Sharpie and you can only fit five to eight words total, with maybe a little doodle.

So, why should you work with a pile of Post-It Notes instead of a notebook or whiteboard when trying to come up with a bunch of ideas? Here's a few reasons why...

Makes ideas concise

Easier to communicate to others

Quick to group and summarize

Stories emerge naturally

Travels well

Never feels done

Encourages riffing

Impossible to edit

No camping on one idea

We all work at once

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