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Curtis Steiner Handmade Thank You Card

It's not just what you say—it's how you say it. This maxim could not apply more to sending thank you notes to those people who've supported you most: short- or long-term clients, vendors, colleagues, friends, and family. And as designers, we're quite well equipped to trump the usual off-the-shelf rote cards and send out simple, elegant cards that transcend the Hallmarks of the world. Clients don't just remember the results you've provided. They always remember that you thanked them for the opportunity to do the great work. And while you shouldn't expect anything discrete back from a thank you besides appreciation… often great things will happen as a result that you couldn't have anticipated.

The artwork shown here is by the amazing artist Curtis Steiner, who runs my most favorite store called Souvenir. He is a designer of many things: cards, jewelry, arrangements for window displays, and has had his art featured at the Seattle Art Museum. If I had multiple lives, I'd go apprentice at his shop. My wife donated some antique trimmings we had lying around the house, and we were stunned to receive this handmade, hand-lettered card from Curtis. He had clearly spent a great deal of time on this card for us, and we could only appreciate his thank you more in return.

Next time you're in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, stop by and see him. Here's his address:

Curtis Steiner Thank You Envelope


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