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"Can You Say That in English? Explaining UX Research to Clients" in A List Apart Magazine

Explaining UX

The new business meeting was going swimmingly—that is, until the client started asking questions about our design process. Then we unleashed our lexicon of specialized user experience (UX) research terminology.

Why should we do that thing you called...what was it, task analysis? We’d like some of those personas. They’re important, right? What the heck is contextual inquiry?!

As mental models flew about the room, I realized how hard it is for clients to understand the true value of UX research. As much as I’d like to tell my clients to go read The Elements of User Experience and call me back when they’re done, that won’t cut it in a professional services environment. The whole team needs a common language and a philosophy that’s easy to grok.

I created a cheat sheet to help you pitch UX research using plain, client-friendly language that focuses on the business value of each exercise. But, before we get to the cheat sheet, let’s talk about how we can communicate the value of UX research at a much higher level.

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Very helpful. In Asia, there are terminology problems too. (I'm an korean.) Teams in a company have used different terminology whenever ux meeting has been held. Moreover the ux terminology we use is loanword from Englsish. Really confused.

Anyway, I could get good insight from your artical.


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