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"Making Models: R&D in the Social Sector" in frog's Design Mind


This week, I published an excerpt from my dialogue with Renuka Kher from the new book LEAP Dialogues: Career Pathways for Design in Social Innovation in frog’s Design Mind magazine. You can read the excerpt here.

I’ve collaborated with Renuka on multiple initiatives between Tipping Point Community and global design and strategy firm frog, including T Lab. T Lab is a six-month long program that brings together nine Problem Solvers to design and test new solutions to help with pressing social issues in the Bay Area, such as access to child care, availability of early education, and support for people recently released from prison.

In this excerpt from our dialogue, we answer questions such as:

  • What should R&D should look like for nonprofits or nongovernmental organizations seeking to create new social services?
  • How should funders approach the notion of “risk” when investing in social impact work?
  • What skills should designers have to successfully participate in social impact work?
  • What kind of time commitment should a designer make when working with a nonprofit client or a community group?

The book is beautifully edited, designed, and printed—you can learn more about it here and get it on


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